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Work.Smarter! Volume Two available now! Download the first chapter for free right here:
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I have put together the new “Work. Smarter!” book for people who are serious about working on their business instead of in it.

Work.Smarter! Best Practices for Personal and Business Development

For Kindle, paperback coming soon!

I want to help you help yourself.

  • Get better at doing your work
  • Get better at understanding your work
  • Get better at managing your work
  • Get better at marketing your business

These topics are all covered in my new book and I can’t wait to share it with you.
Note: Amazon Prime members can borrow the book for free from the Kindle Lending Library!

Click the link below to get an instant download, and click Volume two for the new low price of $4.99.


Todd Jordan has read the source material and says,

Stephen starts with real world touch points; context is everything here.

In one instance he tells us how clients new to social media use with old school marketing approach then walks us and them to a more accurate model. An email about networking starts with real world events as a starting point to talk about networking and business opportunities.

And from the foreword by Justin McCullough,

As a business owner and business consultant I have been faced with numerous challenges in business. In some cases they were completely unexpected and in other cases, they were visible on the horizon and I marched toward them with expectation and confidence.

Books like this one provided information that helped me see an issue approaching before it became a disaster. I find that the most interesting and successful people are constantly learning and constantly evolving with a commitment to grow in all parts of their life, business and personal. These people will truly enjoy this book.

For others who are looking for respectable and trusted information to build upon, you’ll find the message and direction of this book to be relevant, practical and useful as a base to build from.


I am also available to make personal training appointments at your place of business (NH, ME, VT areas only – for now). Please call 603-287-1864 for more information.

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