Social Media for Small Businesses That Don’t Have Time for Social Media

I found this little gem on Twitter the other day:

Your Small Business Should Hire A Dedicated Social Media Expert

Instead, look for a deep understanding. Your expert-to-be should know the major platforms in and out, have at least a working knowledge of writing, video and webinars/podcasts and be able to grasp how SEO works.  If they’re 22 or 40, every candidate and especially every hire should exhibit an active mastery of at least the basics of social media.

They also need to have one heck of a work ethic. Social media management is relatively easy to get started with and requires little time per post or update, but that time adds up fast. I would estimate that I spend about 30 hours a week on theBizEngine blog, Twitter feed, Facebookand various other platforms in order to promote our content and have conversations around small business.

It’s critically important to do it and I thoroughly enjoy doing so, but it’s not a gig for a part-time employee.

Above all, though, you need someone who knows their stuff. The only question is, what if you can’t find someone?

There are a host of reasons why you should hire someone to handle some or most of your social media for you. Especially when your small business consists mostly of you and yourself. Even if you have a handful of employees you need them to be working in and on your business, not trying to figure out a Facebook strategy or writing blog posts.

This is the kind of thing that we excel here at ICMM. Give us a call (603) 287-1864. We can help!