How Do I find Time to Blog?

I gave a presentation this week to some local small business people and one of the recurring questions was, “How do you have time for all of this?”

I know that it can seem overwhelming, especially when you are your small business, owner and employee most of the time. But everyone can find an hour or so each week to write a story about their work to share with the world.

Content – Four Ideas for Finding More Time to Create Content : MarketingProfs Article

Become a night owl. Learn to make the most of the hours between 9 PM and 3 AM. You’ll find that you have more time to create content than you think. “Kill your TV and breathe new life into your blog,” suggests Milne.

Vary your content. Not every blog post needs to be a philosophical tome or a brilliant essay. “Sometimes turning on a microphone or camera can be easier than sitting down to craft a solid 600-word blog post,” says Milne. Use your time wisely by creating snack-size content, such as photos, short podcasts, and brief videos.

Stay organized. You can waste a lot of your creative time on conducting research. To avoid doing that, plan out your content; know what you’re going to write, film, or say before you get in front of your laptop. Then, when you sit down to create content, you don’t have to wait for inspiration and can instead get down to business.

The Po!nt: Find more time to create content by changing your schedule and eliminating time-wasters.

Micro-Content for BizDev in 15 Minutes a Day

Mark Schaefer has six tips on the concept of Micro-Content:

Six ways to create great content in just 15 minutes a day

…creating small bits of marketing content when you don’t have time to blog, create videos or spend all day on Facebook.

Let’s examine ideas about using micro-content for your social media strategy, assuming you are testing the water and only have 15 minutes a day to devote to this activity. Hey, I’m up for a challenge!


Like any marketing initiative, you must have a firm idea of your strategy, selling points, and target audience.  Spend time thinking through a set of keywords that represent your business and your customer needs. You’ll need to weave these keywords into your micro-content initiative.  Once you have a firm idea of “your story,” here are some content marketing options that work in just 15 minutes a day:

1) Slideshare

Even the most content-starved companies have PowerPoint slides! Upload your best public presentations to Slideshare for a very quick and effective way to begin populating the social web with meaningful content. Slideshare is highly indexed by the search engines and you can assign key words to every presentation. Make sure your last slide directs a viewer back to your website. The time to upload an existing presentation? Less than 10 minutes.

Read the whole thing.

I would like to add another tip to this list: e-mail questions or requests. I am sure that you get emails from clients or colleagues that would make good blog posts, if only as part of an FAQ or because it had to do with interesting news. Be sure to ask the person if you can share, and if they would like a link to their site or resource.

What other micro-content tips can you think of?