New Tools for Organizing & Optimizing your Life (and work!)

The team behind, has come up with two great new web applications for helping people get organized and prioritize their life. Both of them stem from real world problems that the team had run into, and realized that if solved in a generic fashion they could be used by everyone to help solve every day issues.


GridSorter’s origin came from keeping the standard ‘Honey Do’ list around the house. In one of the cofounder’s cases, he found that he had a huge list of tasks to do around the house. They varied from small tasks that would take a few minutes, up to huge tasks that might take a weekend or longer. He was keeping a priority ordered list of these items. But it seemed every time he had a little time free to work on something, he’d have to scan through half the list to find something that matched the amount of time he actually had free.

Thus was born the idea of sorting the items onto a grid, where things could be organized both by how urgent they were, but also how long they would take to complete. This way you could easily scan over the grid with your eyes, and find exactly the right item you needed. A similar task was presented at his job years later, when looking at features for a website. It was important to rank them not only by how much effort they would take, but how engaging they would be to the audience. Again a grid was employed to handle this. So making this as a generic tool where anyone can decide what two factors they want to use when ranking items, is going to be amazingly useful in any number of ways.

You can see a demo video of a prototype of this working here:


This idea came from another cofounder, who had worked as a consultant for much of his career. One of the biggest problems he faced, was when he would present a client with a list of features they wanted built for their website. The client would be asked what the priority of each item was. The response was almost always: “They are all priority #1”.

Through experiment, he found that if he asked the client to compare them one-by-one: “Is feature X or Y more important?”, they would be able to quickly answer. Therefore at the time, manually he would walk through the list having them compare each of them, and get a feeling for that priority.

But that’s where software can make this so much easier. The process will be automated with BubbleSorter – You can make a list of items, then send it out to anyone you want to have them start being presented the items one-by-one. As people go through comparing each of the items, algorithms on the back end will start sorting the list into priority order for you!

Funding is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to build these products to completion: Tapping into the future customers of the products, as opposed to searching out more traditional funding sources:

Check out the Kickstarter campaign and see if you can’t give them a pledge to help bring this to fruition!

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