More Ideas for Content Curation

This is becoming a theme for the week: Content Curation.

Here is a six-minute video with some great tips on methods and tactics for Content Curation:

If you don’t have time for the video, you can just grab these takeways: (links are to the contributor Twitter accounts)

  • Michele Linn – Feature blog posts from Thought Leaders in your field, recruit guest bloggers, have people live-blog events.
  • Pawan Deshpande – Find relevant news, blog and journal articles for your industry and put it all together to become a go-to resource.
  • Lee Odden – Content Curation for SEO – have a contest involving guest posts featuring keywords you choose. Have the post authors promote their posts for votes.
  • Amanda Maksymiw – For a company blog, invite several employees to write and curate content in their area of expertise.
  • CC Chapman – Curate photographs of your fans or customers.
  • Joe Chernov - Curate data in an infographic.
  • Jeremy Victor – Tweets – collect your most popular tweets into one blog post.

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