Mind Mapping: Mindomo for Android

Brainstorming is a process that can help develop strategies in a wide area of tasks. Nearly any circumstance could benefit from brainstorming and apps such as Mindomo can bring these mind mapping tools to your Android device. Mind mapping practices have been around since before the 1300s and have helped millions of people discover ideas they may have skipped over if not for the visualization of the train of thought.

1. Easy to Use - Mindomo is a free app available on Google Play and has a good amount of support for devices. Once you start the application, you are able to begin mapping your thoughts by entering the primary subject. Each branch can be easily constructed and used by selecting the available tools on the top of your android screen. You can also do this by double clicking your screen. All of the commands within Mindomo are self-explanatory and very easy to understand for all levels of skill.

2. Feature Rich - Mindomo provides a great deal of usable features that many may find very useful. As you create subtopics of each branch, you have the ability to undo and redo changes, add notes to each, include links to websites, images, icons, and add a priority for each task needed in order to accomplish the main objective. Holding your finger down on a topic or subtopic opens a panel for directed editing such as cut, copy and paste of that particular idea. Mapped ideas are automatically stored and can be recalled at any time using the “Home” icon on the top left.

3. Customization - A great deal of customization is available for Mindomo. You are able to adjust the shape of each topic and subtopic from sharp square shapes to more oblong traditional bubbles. Line width, type, and color can be altered in order to provide the best look possible for your personal tastes. Colored themes and layouts give that extra personal touch that is best suited to provide the impact you’d like to see on your device. Some of these layouts could help you envision your ideas as each one has a specific feel to it that can focus your attention. It’s all about comfort when it’s time to start brainstorming. All of these customizations impact your exports when it comes time for you to share your brainstorming ideas.

4. Networking - One of Mindomo’s better additions is the ability to share the mind map with others within your organization. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. For the free version, you are able to export the map as a .pdf or a .jpg and send them via email to yourself or team members. The subscription based accounts for Mindomo allows for greater interactivity between your team members with tools such as iPad and Android Synch and up to eight exportable formats. Premium members are also able to send the actual mind map to their computer systems to be opened with either the web-based app or the installable computer-based app for offline content.

Mind mapping is the process of taking a single thought and providing additional thoughts that relate to it. From each thought, another set of topics pertaining to them begins to create a web of interlinking ideas that can be used to develop strategies for a number of tasks. This has helped developers in graphic design, web design, business planning, marketing, and even keyword development. Mindomo is simply a user friendly tool that can help you plan your next task by putting these ideas in a graphical representation that will ultimately play a role in developing your strategy.

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