Mike Vardy Introduces Productivityist.com

Why Productivityist.com?

I will let Mike give the reason:

I coined the phrase “productivityist” over a year ago and have found it to best describe who I am in this space. Here’s how I describe the term:

“A productivityist is a productivity enthusiast. A productivtyist someone who studies productivity, be it the tools or habits. They dive deeper into the realm than most people. Just like a comedian looks at the world differently, so does the productivityist. Productivityists, like other enthusiasts, like to go further in their craft and push boundaries. They like to explore new processes, new ideas, new ways to get things done. And for a while they wind up doing productive more often than being productive…but they start to shift the other way over time.”

Mike Vardy has been working and writing in the Productivity space for years, and has a tone of great ideas. Do take the time to check it out!

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