Marketing Profs on Facebook Contests

Social Media – Six Tips for a B2B Facebook Contest : MarketingProfs Article

2. Host contests or promotions to get in touch with your customers more often

If yours is a B2B company, when you “talk” (i.e., get your message out) you are talking, for the most part, to people who already know about your business. But hosting a Facebook contest gives you an opportunity to have those customers share information about you with their friends and customers. We host contests with prizes like T-shirts and coffee mugs with our logo on them, and customers love them.

3. Give your users an incentive to share news about your contest

One of the reasons to host a contest is to spread the word about your company beyond your customers. So when you set up your contest, make sure your app allows you to offer a feature that doubles the chances of winning for anyone who shares the entry form.

The people who enter your contest are more likely to share news about the contest if there is something in it for them—in this case, an increased chance of winning your prize.

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