Geoff Livingston on Negative Feedback

Amazon on Negative Comments: Disregard 5% | Geoff Livingston’s Blog

In its Holiday Marketing Best Practices Guide, Amazon coaches online merchants to disregard negative comments until they reach a ratio of 5% of all comments:

“Most sellers will eventually receive some negative feedback. When it happens to you, put it in perspective: a 0-2% negative feedback rate is great! If your negative feedback rate is greater than 5%, review your business practices to correct any operational problems that might affect a buyer’s experience.”

Amazon has had its fair share of customer service issues over the years. But I agree with the online retailer’s guidance in principle, and use a similar barometer in coaching clients about negative commenting.

I do think its important to listen to the comments in case there are insights to be gleaned (even from a troll).

The truth is you can’t please everyone. That’s why 0-5% may represent a group that you’ll never satisfy.

You make your choices, and when generally they prove to be winners, you live with the smaller negative results. When decisions are wrong, you have to own them and clean up the mess.

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